Generativity among young, midlife, and older adults.

  title={Generativity among young, midlife, and older adults.},
  author={Dan P. McAdams and E D St Aubin and Robert L. Logan},
  journal={Psychology and aging},
  volume={8 2},
Generativity is conceived as a configuration of psychosocial features constellated around the goal of providing for the next generation. This study used a stratified random sampling of young (ages 22-27), midlife (ages 37-42), and older (ages 67-72) adults to examine age-cohort differences in 4 generativity features: generative concern, commitments, actions, and narration. Although prevailing views on generativity (e.g., Erikson, 1963) predict a peak in midlife and decline thereafter, support… CONTINUE READING