Generationand ImmunohistologicalCharacterizationof HumanMonoclonal Antibodiesto MammaryCarcinomaCells

  title={Generationand ImmunohistologicalCharacterizationof HumanMonoclonal Antibodiesto MammaryCarcinomaCells},
  author={Ashraf Imam and Mary M. Drushella and CliveR. Taylor},
The purpose of this study was to identify human antibodies generated against autologous breast tumor cells by the host's immune response. Accordingly, lymphocytes from lymph nodes of seven different patients with metastatic breast carcinomas were immortalized by fusing them with a nonsecreting variant of murine myeloma cells. The screening for binding of antibodies to tumor cells was performed by indirect immunoperoxidase stain ing of paraffin-embedded tissue sections of the autologous tu mor… CONTINUE READING


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