Generation of ultrastable microwaves via optical frequency division

  title={Generation of ultrastable microwaves via optical frequency division},
  author={T. M. Fortier and M. S. Kirchner and Frank Quinlan and Jennifer A. Taylor and J. C. Bergquist and Till Rosenband and N. D. Lemke and Andrew D. Ludlow and Yuanyuan Jiang and C. W. Oates and Scott A. Diddams},
There has been increased interest in the use and manipulation of optical fields to address the challenging problems that have traditionally been approached with microwave electronics. Some examples that benefit from the low transmission loss, agile modulation and large bandwidths accessible with coherent optical systems include signal distribution, arbitrary waveform generation and novel imaging1. We extend these advantages to demonstrate a microwave generator based on a high-quality-factor (Q… CONTINUE READING
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