Generation of simian-tropic HIV-1 by restriction factor evasion.

  title={Generation of simian-tropic HIV-1 by restriction factor evasion.},
  author={Theodora Hatziioannou and Michael F. Princiotta and Michael J. Piatak and Fang Yuan and Fengwen Zhang and Jeffrey D Lifson and Paul D Bieniasz},
  volume={314 5796},
Because HIV-1 does not infect most nonhuman primates, animal modeling of human HIV infection and AIDS has primarily consisted of experimentally infecting macaques with related simian immunodeficiency viruses (SIVMAC). However, the usefulness of such models is limited by the substantial divergence between SIVMAC and HIV-1. We derived an HIV-1-based virus that includes only small portions of SIVMAC yet replicates robustly in both transformed and primary rhesus macaque T cells. Derivation of… CONTINUE READING


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