Generation of photon pairs by stimulated emission in ring resonators.

  title={Generation of photon pairs by stimulated emission in ring resonators.},
  author={Milena Banic and Marco Liscidini and John E. Sipe},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={47 7},
Third-order parametric downconversion (TOPDC) describes a class of nonlinear interactions in which a pump photon is converted into a photon triplet. This process can occur spontaneously or it can be stimulated by seeding fields. Here we show that stimulated TOPDC (StTOPDC) can be exploited for the generation of quantum correlated photon pairs. We model StTOPDC in a microring resonator, predicting observable pair generation rates in a microring engineered for third-harmonic generation, and we… 

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