Generation of medaka gene knockout models by target-selected mutagenesis

  title={Generation of medaka gene knockout models by target-selected mutagenesis},
  author={Yoshihito Taniguchi and Shunichi Takeda and Makoto Furutani-Seiki and Yasuhiro Kamei and Takeshi Todo and Takao Sasado and Tomonori Deguchi and Hisato Kondoh and Josine B Mudde and Mitsuyoshi Yamazoe and Masayuki Hidaka and Hiroshi Mitani and Atsushi Toyoda and Yoshiyuki Sakaki and Ronald H. A. Plasterk and Edwin Cuppen},
  journal={Genome Biology},
  pages={R116 - R116}
We have established a reverse genetics approach for the routine generation of medaka (Oryzias latipes) gene knockouts. A cryopreserved library of N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea (ENU) mutagenized fish was screened by high-throughput resequencing for induced point mutations. Nonsense and splice site mutations were retrieved for the Blm, Sirt1, Parkin and p53 genes and functional characterization of p53 mutants indicated a complete knockout of p53 function. The current cryopreserved resource is expected to… CONTINUE READING