Generation of high-energy clean multicolored ultrashort pulses and their application in single-shot temporal contrast measurement.

  title={Generation of high-energy clean multicolored ultrashort pulses and their application in single-shot temporal contrast measurement.},
  author={Peng Wang and Xiong Shen and Jun Liu and Ruxin Li},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={27 5},
We demonstrate the generation of 100-μJ-level multicolored femtosecond pulses based on a single-stage cascaded four-wave mixing (CFWM) process in a thin glass plate by using cylinder lenses. The generated high-energy CFWM signals can shift the central wavelength and have well-enhanced temporal contrast because of the third-order nonlinear process. They are innovatively used as clean sampling pulses of a cross-correlator for single-shot temporal contrast measurement. With a simple homemade setup… 

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