Generation of antigen-specific CD8+ CTLs from naive precursors.

  title={Generation of antigen-specific CD8+ CTLs from naive precursors.},
  author={Anita Mehta-Damani and S Markowicz and Edgar G Engleman},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={153 3},
Class I MHC-restricted CTLs are an important component of the host immune response against viral infections, and CTL effectors can often be isolated from infected individuals. However, the mechanism responsible for the induction of CTLs is incompletely understood because, in part, of the difficulty in generating such cells in vitro from naive precursors. In the present study we have used human peripheral blood dendritic cells (DCs), devoid of CD4+ T cells, to sensitize naive CD8+ T cells to… CONTINUE READING
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