Generation of HLA-DRB1*1501-restricted p190 minor bcr-abl (e1a2)-specific CD4+ T lymphocytes.

  title={Generation of HLA-DRB1*1501-restricted p190 minor bcr-abl (e1a2)-specific CD4+ T lymphocytes.},
  author={Yoshiya Tanaka and Takao Takahashi and M Nieda and Satohiro Masuda and Koichi Kashiwase and Seishi Ogawa and Shigeru Chiba and Takeo Juji and Hisamaru Hirai},
  journal={British journal of haematology},
  volume={109 2},
A small population of cells in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia is characterized by a specific translocation of the c-abl oncogene on chromosome 9 to the break point cluster lesion (bcr) on chromosome 22, t(9; 22)(q34; q11) (e1a2). Theoretically, the junction-spanning sequences of oncogene fusion proteins might be ideal targets for immunotherapy because these are not present in normal cells. In this study, we show for the first time that in vitro immunization with a 17-mer e1a2 peptide… CONTINUE READING