Generation of 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine from DNA using rat liver homogenates.

  title={Generation of 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine from DNA using rat liver homogenates.},
  author={Minyi Shi and Haruko Takeshita and Masaharu Komatsu and Baohui Xu and Kohji Aoyama and Toru Takeuchi},
  journal={Cancer science},
  volume={96 1},
In relation to carcinogenesis, aging and other pathologic conditions, urinary 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8OHdG) is widely used as a marker for evaluating the effect of oxidative stress on DNA. Because no reports have described how 8OHdG is generated from DNA in vivo or by biological materials, and how it is excreted into urine, the authors investigated the generation of 8OHdG from DNA, using rat liver homogenate. Oxidatively damaged DNA samples containing different levels of 8OHdG were prepared… CONTINUE READING


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