Generation of 2A-linked multicistronic cassettes by recombinant PCR.

  title={Generation of 2A-linked multicistronic cassettes by recombinant PCR.},
  author={Andrea L Szymczak-Workman and Kate M Vignali and Dario A A Vignali},
  journal={Cold Spring Harbor protocols},
  volume={2012 2},
The need for reliable, multicistronic vectors for multigene delivery is at the forefront of biomedical technology. It is now possible to express multiple proteins from a single open reading frame (ORF) using 2A peptide-linked multicistronic vectors. These small sequences, when cloned between genes, allow for efficient, stoichiometric production of discrete protein products within a single vector through a novel "cleavage" event within the 2A peptide sequence. Expression of more than two genes… CONTINUE READING