Generation and characterization of ScxCre transgenic mice.

  title={Generation and characterization of ScxCre transgenic mice.},
  author={Yuki Sugimoto and Aki Takimoto and Yuji Hiraki and Chisa Shukunami},
  volume={51 4},
Scleraxis (Scx) is a basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor that is a marker for the tendon/ligament cell lineage. The ∼11 kb genomic region from the mouse Scx gene locus faithfully recapitulates the endogenous Scx expression pattern in ScxGFP transgenic (Tg) mice. We have established two Tg mouse lines expressing Cre-recombinase (Cre) using this regulatory region (ScxCre-L and ScxCre-H). The specificity and efficiency of Cre recombination in these Tg lines are evaluated by crossing with… CONTINUE READING
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