Generalized random forces for rectangular panels.

  title={Generalized random forces for rectangular panels.},
  author={Rimas Vaicaitis},
  • Rimas Vaicaitis
  • Published 1973
  • Mathematics
  • A = cross-sectional area of the stringer a = plate length b = plate width C = Saint Venant constant of uniform torsion for stringer cross section Cws = warping constant of stringer cross section D = Eh/I2(l v), plate stiffness E = modulus of elasticity, panel Eb = modulus of elasticity, stringer Fm — random generalized force /„ = (aV/hD)F„ /, = centroidal moment of inertia of stringer cross section Is = polar moment of inertia, stringer i = imaginary unit (—1) h = plate thickness M = Mach… CONTINUE READING

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