Generalized morphea and primary biliary cirrhosis coexisting in a male patient

  title={Generalized morphea and primary biliary cirrhosis coexisting in a male patient},
  author={Marcos Antonio Gonz{\'a}lez-L{\'o}pez and Marta Drake and M. carmen Gonzalez-vela and Susana Armesto and H{\'e}ctor F Llaca and Jos{\'e}-Fernando Val-Bernal},
  journal={The Journal of Dermatology},
We present further evidence that generalized morphea (GM) and primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) may be associated. As far as we know, only six cases with this association have been previously reported in the published work, all of which were observed in women. We describe the case of a 62‐year‐old man diagnosed with M2‐antibody‐positive PBC who developed multiple generalized indurated plaques on the trunk and extremities 3 years later. Clinical history, laboratory data and histopathological… 
Case Report: Morphea Profunda Associated with Helicobacter pylori Infection in Sudanese Patient
The cases were diagnosed and confirmed histopathologically as Morphea profunda, considered to be the first two cases of HSD been reported in Sudan.
Successful infliximab therapy in a patient with comorbid spondyloarthritis, primary biliary cirrhosis and generalized morphea
Infliximab was well tolerated in this 56-year-old patient and further studies must be performed in order to clarify the therapeutic role of TNF-α blockers in, PBC and generalized morphea.
Generalized morphea with preceding severe pain and coexistent early primary biliary cirrhosis
Generalized morphea (GM) is a form of localized scleroderma, which is characterized by widespread skin involvement with multiple sclerotic plaques and hyperpigmentation.
Concomitant appearance of morphea and vitiligo in a patient with autoimmune thyroiditis
Although it has not been fully elucidated yet, it is increasingly perceived that autoimmunity plays the central role in the pathogenesis of both morphea and vitiligo.
Primary Biliary Cholangitis Associated with Skin Disorders: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
The present review of the literature shows that probably, immune-mediated skin conditions are not more frequent in PBC patients than in the general population, however, the available data are scant; there is a need for high-quality data on skin conditions associated with PBC.
Distinct autoimmune syndromes in morphea: a review of 245 adult and pediatric cases.
High prevalences of concomitant and familial autoimmune disease, systemic manifestations, and antinuclear antibody positivity in the generalized and possibly mixed subtypes suggest that these are systemic autoimmune syndromes and not skin-only phenomena.
Concurrence of Circumscribed Morphea and Segmental Vitiligo: A Case Report
The case of a 10-year-old Korean girl with morphea and vitiligo and those lesions occurred at the same sites and progressed simultaneously.
Comorbidity of localized scleroderma and primary biliary cholangitis
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  • Medicine
    Journal der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft = Journal of the German Society of Dermatology : JDDG
  • 2018
The objective of this case series was to study the possible association of morphea with PBC and to identify risk factors.
Freqüência de alterações hepáticas em pacientes com esclerodermia
Clinical hepatic disease did not occur in scleroderma patients, despite the relatively increased frequency of liver enzymes abnormalities, and autoantibodies in this disease were found to be low.


A case of primary biliary cirrhosis associated with generalized morphea.
A 50-year-old female with primary biliary cirrhosis associated with generalized morphea is reported, which may represent evidence in support of a common pathogenesis for the two entities.
Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
The primary medical treatment in PBC should focus on reducing the rate of disease progression, and ursodeoxycholic acid has been extensively evaluated and proven to improve liver biochemistries and survival in patients with PBC.
Generalized morphoea, lichen sclerosus et atrophicus and primary biliary cirrhosis
The hypothesis that primary biliary cirrhosis, generalized morphoea and lichen sclerosus et atrophicus all have an underlying auto‐immune basis is re‐inforces.
Generalized morphoea and primary biliary cirrhosis: a rare association and improvement with oxypentifylline
A patient is described with generalized morphoea and primary biliary cirrhosis whose skin improved following treatment with oxypentifylline.
Localized morphoea, xanthomatosis and primary biliary cirrhosis
Although epidermal grafting appears to be an effective and safe method for the treatment of vitiligo, various complications have been reported, of which some are associated with the application of liquid nitrogen, such as postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, hypertrophic scarring, peripheral hypopigmentation and uneven pigmentation.
Clinical and Immunological Characterization of Patients with Systemic Sclerosis Overlapping Primary Biliary Cirrhosis: A Comparison with Patients with Systemic Sclerosis Alone
The most prominent feature of SSc‐PBC was a higher incidence of ACA than in ISSc alone, and the sera showed a significantly higher positivity for anti‐centromere antibody (ACA) and higher reactivity to centromere protein‐C.
Antimitochondrial antibodies in patients with chronic graft-versus-host disease.
It is concluded that patients with cGVHD have a high incidence of AMA similar to patients with PBC, but the reaction pattern of AMA differs between the diseases.
Patterns of autoimmunity in primary biliary cirrhosis patients and their families: a population-based cohort study.
PBC patients and their families have a wide susceptibility to autoimmunity, which supports an autoimmune aetiology and suggests that the genetic basis of PBC is likely to be expressed, at least in part, through factors controlling immune tolerance in general.
Primary biliary cirrhosis
Primary biliary cirrhosis.
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