Generalized momentum equation of quantum mechanics

  title={Generalized momentum equation of quantum mechanics},
  author={Zhong-Yue Wang},
  journal={Optical and Quantum Electronics},
  • Zhong-Yue Wang
  • Published 19 January 2016
  • Physics
  • Optical and Quantum Electronics
Like the Planck–Einstein relation E = ℏω, de Broglie’s $$ {\mathbf{p}} = \hbar {\mathbf{k}} $$p=ħk is another fundamental equation but the universal momentum formulation should be $$ {\mathbf{p}} = \hbar {\varvec{\upbeta}} $$p=ħβ. We propose the compelling evidence (vacuum Cherenkov radiation) and a new consequence which could lead to experimental checks is also worked out. 
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