Generalized hydrodynamics of the attractive non-linear Schrӧdinger equation

  title={Generalized hydrodynamics of the attractive non-linear Schrӧdinger equation},
  author={Rebekka Koch and Jean-S{\'e}bastien Caux and Alvise Bastianello},
  journal={Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical},
We study the generalized hydrodynamics of the one-dimensional classical non linear Schrӧdinger equation in the attractive phase. We thereby show that the thermodynamic limit is entirely captured by solitonic modes and radiation is absent. Our results are derived by considering the semiclassical limit of the quantum Bose gas, where the Planck constant has a key role as a regulator of the classical soliton gas. We use our result to study adiabatic interaction changes from the repulsive to the… 


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