Generalized-hydrodynamic approach to inhomogeneous quenches: correlations, entanglement and quantum effects

  title={Generalized-hydrodynamic approach to inhomogeneous quenches: correlations, entanglement and quantum effects},
  author={Vincenzo Alba and Bruno Bertini and Maurizio Fagotti and Lorenzo Piroli and Paola de Ruggiero},
  journal={Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment},
We give a pedagogical introduction to the generalized hydrodynamic approach to inhomogeneous quenches in integrable many-body quantum systems. We review recent applications of the theory, focusing in particular on two classes of problems: bipartitioning protocols and trap quenches, which represent two prototypical examples of broken translational symmetry in either the system initial state or post-quench Hamiltonian. We report on exact results that have been obtained for generic time-dependent… 
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