Generalized fibonacci cubes are mostly hamiltonian


The ffamiltonian problem is to determine whether a graph contains a spanning (Hamiltonian) path or cycle. Here we study the Hamiltonian problem for the generalized Fibonacci cubes, which are a new family of graphs that have applications in interconnection topologies [J. Liuand W.-J. Hsu, "Distributed Algorithms for Shortest-Path, Deadlock-Free Routing and Broadcasting in a Class of Interconnection Topologies," International Parallel Processing Symposium (1 99211. We show that each member of this family contains a Hamiltonian path. Furthermore, we also characterize the members of this family that contain a Hamiltonian cycle.

DOI: 10.1002/jgt.3190180806

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@article{Liu1994GeneralizedFC, title={Generalized fibonacci cubes are mostly hamiltonian}, author={Jen-Shiuh Liu and Wen-Jing Hsu and Moon-Jung Chung}, journal={Journal of Graph Theory}, year={1994}, volume={18}, pages={817-829} }