Generalized energy equipartition in harmonic oscillators driven by active baths.

  title={Generalized energy equipartition in harmonic oscillators driven by active baths.},
  author={Claudio Maggi and Matteo Paoluzzi and Nicola Pellicciotta and Alessia Lepore and Luca Angelani and Roberto Di Leonardo},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={113 23},
We study experimentally and numerically the dynamics of colloidal beads confined by a harmonic potential in a bath of swimming E. coli bacteria. The resulting dynamics is well approximated by a Langevin equation for an overdamped oscillator driven by the combination of a white thermal noise and an exponentially correlated active noise. This scenario leads to a simple generalization of the equipartition theorem resulting in the coexistence of two different effective temperatures that govern… CONTINUE READING

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