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Generalized chessboard complexes and discrete Morse theory

  title={Generalized chessboard complexes and discrete Morse theory},
  author={Duvsko Joji'c and Gaiane Panina and Sinivsa T. Vre'cica and Rade T. vZivaljevi'c},
  journal={arXiv: Metric Geometry},
Chessboard complexes and their generalizations, as objects, and Discrete Morse theory, as a tool, are presented as a unifying theme linking different areas of geometry, topology, algebra and combinatorics. Edmonds and Fulkerson bottleneck (minmax) theorem is proved and interpreted as a result about a critical point of a discrete Morse function on the Bier sphere of an associated simplicial complex $K$. We illustrate the use of "standard discrete Morse functions" on generalized chessboard… 
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