Generalized asymmetric partition crossover (GAPX) for the asymmetric TSP

  title={Generalized asymmetric partition crossover (GAPX) for the asymmetric TSP},
  author={Renato Tin{\'o}s and L. Darrell Whitley and Gabriela Ochoa},
The Generalized Partition Crossover (GPX) constructs new solutions for the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) by finding recombining partitions with one entry and one exit in the graph composed by the union of two parent solutions. If there are k recombining partitions in the union graph, 2^k-2 solutions are simultaneously exploited by GPX. Generalized Asymmetric Partition Crossover (GAPX) is introduced; it finds more recombining partitions and can also find partitions for the asymmetric TSP… CONTINUE READING