Generalized aggressive periodontitis in preschoolers: report of a case in a 3-1/2 year old.


UNLABELLED Destructive forms of periodontal disease in children are uncommon. Severe periodontal destruction can be a manifestation of a systemic disease; however, in some patients, the underlying cause of increased susceptibility and early onset is still unknown. OBJECTIVE To describe an effective therapeutic approach to GeneralizedAggressive Periodontitis (GAgP) in children, based on a 3-1/2 year-old male patient referred to the Hospital due to early loss of incisors, gingivitis, and tooth mobility in his primary dentition. Intraoral examination revealed severe gingival inflammation, dental abscesses, pathological tooth mobility, bleeding upon probing and attachment loss around several primary teeth. Dental radiographs revealed horizontal and vertical bone loss. Treatment consisted on the extraction of severely affected primary teeth, systemic antibiotics, deep scaling of remaining teeth and strict oral hygiene measures. Once the patient's periodontal condition was stabilized, function and esthetics were restored with "pedi-partials." After a follow-up period of nearly 4 years, the patient's periodontal status remains healthy, facilitating the eruption of permanent teeth. CONCLUSION Prompt diagnosis and good treatment regimen may provide an effective therapeutic management of Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis.

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