Generalized Quantifiers and 0-1 Laws

  title={Generalized Quantifiers and 0-1 Laws},
  author={Anuj Dawar and Erich Gr{\"a}del},
We study 0-1 laws for extensions of rst-order logic by Lindstrr om quantiiers. We state suucient conditions on a quantiier Q expressing a graph property, for the logic FOQ] { the extension of rst-order logic by means of the quantiier Q { to have a 0-1 law. We use these conditions to show, in particular, that FORig], where Rig is the quantiier expressing rigidity, has a 0-1 law. We also show that FOHam], where Ham is the quantiier expressing Hamiltonicity, does not have a 0-1 law. Blass and… CONTINUE READING