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Generalized One-Dimensional Point Interaction in Relativistic and Non-relativistic Quantum Mechanics

  title={Generalized One-Dimensional Point Interaction in Relativistic and Non-relativistic Quantum Mechanics},
  author={Takaomi Shigehara and Hiroshi Mizoguchi and Taketoshi Mishima and Taksu Cheon},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
We first give the solution for the local approximation of a four parameter family of generalized one-dimensional point interactions within the framework of non-relativistic model with three neighboring $\delta$ functions. We also discuss the problem within relativistic (Dirac) framework and give the solution for a three parameter family. It gives a physical interpretation for so-called $\epsilon$ potential. It will be also shown that the scattering properties at high energy substantially differ… 

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