Generalized Jacobson’s lemma for generalized Drazin inverses

  title={Generalized Jacobson’s lemma for generalized Drazin inverses},
  author={Huanyin Chen and Marjan Sheibani},
We present new generalized Jacobson?s lemma for generalized Drazin inverses. This extends the main results on g-Drazin inverse of Yan, Zeng and Zhu (Linear & Multilinear Algebra, 68(2020), 81-93). 



Generalized Jacobson's lemma for Drazin inverses and its applications

ABSTRACT Let R be any associative ring with unit 1 and suppose that satisfy we prove that 1−ac is Drazin (respectively, generalized Drazin, pseudo-Drazin) invertible if and only if 1−bd is Drazin


Abstract We study properties of the Drazin index of regular elements in a ring with a unity 1. We give expressions for generalized inverses of 1−ba in terms of generalized inverses of 1−ab. In our

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Extensions of Jacobson’s lemma for Drazin inverses

We study the generalization of Jacobson’s lemma for the group inverse, Drazin inverse, generalized Drazin inverse and pseudo Drazin inverse of $$1-bd$$1-bd (or $$1-ac$$1-ac) in a ring when