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Generalized Imaginary Verma and Wakimoto modules

  title={Generalized Imaginary Verma and Wakimoto modules},
  author={Marcela Guerrini and Iryna Kashuba and Oscar Armando Hern'andez Morales and Andr{\'e} DE Oliveira and Fernando Junior Santos},
. We develop a general technique of constructing new irreducible weight modules for any affine Kac-Moody algebra using the parabolic induction, in the case when the Levi factor of a parabolic subalgebra is infinite-dimensional and the central charge is nonzero. Our approach uniforms and generalizes all previously known results with im-posed restrictions on inducing modules. We also define generalized Imaginary Wakimoto modules which provide an explicit realization for generic generalized Imaginary… 
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