Generalized Heegner cycles on Mumford curves

  title={Generalized Heegner cycles on Mumford curves},
  author={Matteo Longo and Maria Rosaria Pati},
  journal={Mathematische Zeitschrift},
We study generalised Heegner cycles, originally introduced by Bertolini–Darmon–Prasanna for modular curves in Bertolini et al. (Duke Math J 162(6):1033–1148, 2013), in the context of Mumford curves. The main result of this paper relates generalized Heegner cycles with the two variable anticyclotomic p -adic L -function attached to a Coleman family $$f_\infty $$ f ∞ and an imaginary quadratic field K , constructed in Bertolini and Darmon (Invent Math 168(2):371–431, 2007) and Seveso (J Reine… 
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