Generalized Analytical Solutions and Synchronization Dynamics of Coupled Simple Nonlinear Electronic Circuits

  title={Generalized Analytical Solutions and Synchronization Dynamics of Coupled Simple Nonlinear Electronic Circuits},
  author={G. Sivaganesh and A. Arulgnanam},
In this paper we present a generalized analytical solution to the generalized state equations of coupled second-order non-autonomous circuit systems. The analytical solutions thus obtained are used to study the synchronization dynamics of two different types of circuit systems, differing only by their constituting nonlinear element. The synchronization dynamics of the coupled systems are studied through two-parameter bifurcation diagrams, phase portraits and time-series plots obtained from the… 
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(a) Schematic circuit realization of the sinusoidally forced parallel LCR circuit with the nonlinear element N R connected parallel to the capacitor