Generalizations of Caristi Kirk's Theorem on Partial Metric Spaces

  title={Generalizations of Caristi Kirk's Theorem on Partial Metric Spaces},
  author={Erdal Karapınar},
  journal={Fixed Point Theory and Applications},
  • E. Karapınar
  • Published 21 June 2011
  • Mathematics
  • Fixed Point Theory and Applications
In this article, lower semi-continuous maps are used to generalize Cristi-Kirk's fixed point theorem on partial metric spaces. First, we prove such a type of fixed point theorem in compact partial metric spaces, and then generalize to complete partial metric spaces. Some more general results are also obtained in partial metric spaces.2000 Mathematics Subject Classification 47H10,54H25 

Generalizations of Caristi-Kirk theorem in partial metric spaces and applications

In this paper, some generalizations of Caristi-Kirk fixed point theorem in partial metric spaces are established, and applications of our results are given. Mathematics Subject Classification:47H10,


We introduce a new type of Caristi's mapping on partial metric spaces and show that a partial metric space is complete if and only if every Caristi mapping has a fixed point. From this result we

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Sur les prob ’ emes variationnels

  • CR Acad Sci Paris
  • 1972