Generalization and response mediation of a conditional discrimination.

  title={Generalization and response mediation of a conditional discrimination.},
  author={David A Eckerman},
  journal={Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior},
  volume={13 3},
  • David A Eckerman
  • Published 1970 in Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior
Fifteen pigeons were given conditional discrimination training in which a colored sample stimulus determined which of two line comparison stimuli (vertical and horizontal) was correct. As part of the conditional discrimination procedure, birds were required to make an "observing response" to the sample stimulus presented on a wide key. The location on this key of the required observing response for the two sample stimuli differed by 0, 3, or 6 in. (0, 7.6, or 15.2 cm) for three groups of birds… CONTINUE READING

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