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Generalization Bounds andLearning Rates forRegularized Principal

  title={Generalization Bounds andLearning Rates forRegularized Principal},
  author={ManifoldsAlex and Jake Smola and Robert C. Williamson},
We derive uniform convergence bounds and learning rates for regularized principal manifolds. This builds on previous work of Kegl et al., however we are able to obtain stronger bounds taking advantage of the decomposition of the principal manifold in terms of kernel functions. In particular, we are able to give bounds on the covering numbers which are independent of the number of basis functions (line elements) used. Finally we are able to obtain a nearly optimal learning rate of order O(m ? 1… Expand


The connection between regularization operators and support vector kernels
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Learning and Design of Principal Curves
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Entropy, Compactness and the Approximation of Operators
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