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Generalised spectral dimensions in non-perturbative quantum gravity

  title={Generalised spectral dimensions in non-perturbative quantum gravity},
  author={M Reitz and D'aniel N'emeth and Damodar Rajbhandari and Andrzej Gorlich and Jakub Gizbert-Studnicki},
: The seemingly universal phenomenon of scale-dependent effective dimensions in non-perturbative theories of quantum gravity has been shown to be a potential source of quantum gravity phenomenology. The scale-dependent effective dimension from quantum gravity has only been considered for scalar fields. It is however possible that the non-manifold like structures, that are expected to appear near the Planck scale, have an effective dimension that depends on the type of field under consideration. To… 

Semiclassical and Continuum Limits of Four-Dimensional CDT

This Chapter discusses the infrared and the (perspective) ultraviolet limits of four-dimensional Causal Dynamical Triangulations (CDT). CDT is a non-perturabtive and background-independent approach



Spectral dimensions and dimension spectra of quantum spacetimes

Different approaches to quantum gravity generally predict that the dimension of spacetime at the fundamental level is not 4. The principal tool to measure how the dimension changes between the IR and

Renormalization in Quantum Theories of Geometry

A hallmark of non-perturbative theories of quantum gravity is the absence of a fixed background geometry, and therefore the absence in a Planckian regime of any notion of length or scale that is

Approximate Killing symmetries in non-perturbative quantum gravity

We study the notion of approximate Killing vector fields in several toy models of non-perturbative two-dimensional quantum gravity. Using the framework of discrete exterior calculus, we show how to

Nonperturbative quantum gravity

CDT Quantum Toroidal Spacetimes: An Overview

Lattice formulations of gravity can be used to study non-perturbative aspects of quantum gravity. Causal Dynamical Triangulations (CDT) is a lattice model of gravity that has been used in this way.

Spectral dimension of the universe in quantum gravity at a lifshitz point.

It is shown that in gravity with dynamical critical exponent z in D+1 dimensions, the spectral dimension of spacetime is d_{s}=1+D/z, which is similar to the behavior found numerically by Ambjørn et al. in their causal dynamical triangulations approach to quantum gravity.

Nonperturbative quantum de Sitter universe

The dynamical generation of a four-dimensional classical universe from nothing but fundamental quantum excitations at the Planck scale is a long-standing challenge to theoretical physicists. A

Quantum gravity from causal dynamical triangulations: a review

  • R. Loll
  • Physics
    Classical and Quantum Gravity
  • 2019
This topical review gives a comprehensive overview and assessment of recent results in causal dynamical triangulations, a modern formulation of lattice gravity, whose aim is to obtain a theory of

Quantum gravity and gravitational-wave astronomy

We investigate possible signatures of quantum gravity which could be tested with current and future gravitational-wave (GW) observations. In particular, we analyze how quantum gravity can influence