General solution of linear vector supersymmetry

  title={General solution of linear vector supersymmetry},
  author={Alberto Blasi and Nicola Maggiore},
  journal={Classical and Quantum Gravity},
  pages={645 - 657}
We give the general solution of the Ward identity for the linear vector supersymmetry which characterizes all topological models. Such a solution, whose expression is quite compact and simple, greatly simplifies the study of theories displaying a supersymmetric algebraic structure, reducing to a few lines the proof of their possible finiteness. In particular, the cohomology technology, usually involved for the quantum extension of these theories, is completely bypassed. The case of Chern–Simons… 
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On consistency of noncommutative Chern-Simons theory

We consider the noncommutative extension of Chern-Simons theory. We show the the theory can be fully expanded in power series of the noncommutative parameter θ and that no non-analytical sector

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  • Physics
  • 2007
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