General route to vertical ZnO nanowire arrays using textured ZnO seeds.

  title={General route to vertical ZnO nanowire arrays using textured ZnO seeds.},
  author={Lori E. Greene and Matt Law and Dawud H Tan and Max O Montano and Josh Goldberger and Gabor A Somorjai and Peidong Yang},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={5 7},
A method for growing vertical ZnO nanowire arrays on arbitrary substrates using either gas-phase or solution-phase approaches is presented. A approximately 10 nm-thick layer of textured ZnO nanocrystals with their c axes normal to the substrate is formed by the decomposition of zinc acetate at 200-350 degrees C to provide nucleation sites for vertical nanowire growth. The nanorod arrays made in solution have a rod diameter, length, density, and orientation desirable for use in ordered nanorod… CONTINUE READING
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