General non-markovian structure of Gaussian master and stochastic Schrödinger equations.

  title={General non-markovian structure of Gaussian master and stochastic Schr{\"o}dinger equations.},
  author={Lajos Di{\'o}si and Luca Ferialdi},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={113 20},
General open quantum systems display memory features, their master equations are non-Markovian. We show that the subclass of Gaussian non-Markovian open system dynamics is tractable in a depth similar to the Markovian class. The structure of master equations exhibits a transparent generalization of the Lindblad structure. We find and parametrize the class of stochastic Schrödinger equations that unravel a given master equation, such a class was previously known for Markovian systems only. We… 
Time-local unraveling of non-Markovian stochastic Schr\"odinger equations
Non-Markovian stochastic Schrodinger equations (NMSSE) are important tools in quantum mechanics, from the theory of open systems to foundations. Yet, in general, they are but formal objects: their
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We provide the exact non-Markovian master equation for a two-level system interacting with a thermal bosonic bath, and we write the solution of such a master equation in terms of the Bloch vector. We
Stochastic unravelings of non-Markovian completely positive and trace-preserving maps
We consider open quantum systems with factorized initial states, providing the structure of the reduced system dynamics, in terms of environment cumulants. We show that such completely positive (CP)
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We consider a general open system dynamics and we provide a recursive method to derive the associated non-Markovian master equation in a perturbative series. The approach relies on a momenta
Parametrization and Optimization of Gaussian Non-Markovian Unravelings for Open Quantum Dynamics.
By optimizing the squeezing parameters, the derive a family of Gaussian non-Markovian stochastic Schrödinger equations for the dynamics of open quantum systems and can tailor unravelings for improving entanglement bounds or for environment-assistedEntanglement protection.
Dynamics of non-Markovian open quantum systems
Open quantum systems (OQSs) cannot always be described with the Markov approximation, which requires a large separation of system and environment time scales. An overview is given of some of the most
Non-monotonic Population and Coherence Evolution in Markovian Open-System Dynamics
We consider a simple microscopic model where the open-system dynamics of a qubit, despite being Markovian, shows features which are typically associated to the presence of memory effects. Namely, a
Non-Markovian trajectories involving future in semi-classical path integral expression
  • Fei Wang
  • Mathematics
    European Journal of Physics
  • 2020
Semi-classical path integral expression for a quantum system coupled to a harmonic bath is derived based on the stationary phase condition. It is discovered that the system path is non-Markovian.
Rate Operator Unraveling for Open Quantum System Dynamics.
ROQJ yields a rigorous measurement-scheme interpretation for a wide class of dynamics, including a set of master equations with negative decay rates, and sheds light on different types of memory effects which arise when using stochastic quantum jump methods.
Perturbation expansions of stochastic wavefunctions for open quantum systems.
It is found that the proposed non-Markovian stochastic Schrödinger equation (NMSSE) outperforms the second-order time-convolutionless quantum master equation in the whole parameter regime and even far better than the fourth-order in the slow bath and high temperature cases.


Theory of open quantum systems
A quantum dissipation theory is constructed with the system–bath interaction being treated rigorously at the second-order cumulant level for both reduced dynamics and initial canonical boundary
Quantum Measurement and Control
In the last two decades there has been an enormous progress in the experimental investigation of single quantum systems. This progress covers fields such as quantum optics, quantum computation,
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