General metrics and contracting operations

  title={General metrics and contracting operations},
  author={Maurice Pouzet and Ivo G. Rosenberg},
  journal={Discrete Mathematics},
The usual metric space (A, d) is a set A with a map d from A2 into the set iw + (of non-negative reals) satisfying d(x,y)=Oox=y, d(x,y)<d(x,z)+d(z,y) and d(x, y)=d(y, x) for all x,y, ZEA. Inspired by Quilliot’s [21] combinatorial results, Jawhari et al. [13] extended in 1986 the concept of a metric space in several directions. Firstly, ([w+;b, +,O,) is replaced by _V=(V;<, +,O, -) where(i) (V; +,O, <) is an ordered monoid (not necessarily abelian) whose neutral element 0 is the least element of… CONTINUE READING

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