[General anesthesia and preoperative changes in plasma beta-endorphin].


The variations of plasmatic beta-endorphin and cortisol levels are studied in 3 groups of patients. These subjects are submitted to abdominal surgery following 3 different anaesthetic schemes: neuroleptanalgesia (droperidol and fentanyl), pure analgesia (fentanyl), association halothane - small dose of fentanyl. The study covers the period from premedication through recovery. The results of this work demonstrates that the average level of beta-endorphin in neuroleptanalgesia and pure analgesia series is stable; there is an increase in the halothane series just after the incision until waking up. The average level of cortisol is stable for the 3 series until incision. It is strongly increased in the neuroleptanalgesia series and in the halothane series. This increase is delayed and reduced in the fentanyl series.

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@article{Scarlino1986GeneralAA, title={[General anesthesia and preoperative changes in plasma beta-endorphin].}, author={Flavia Scarlino and F Arbez-Gindre and Cecilia G. Clement and Frederic Barale and Ellen Schall}, journal={Cahiers d'anesthésiologie}, year={1986}, volume={34 8}, pages={635-9} }