General Relativity's energy and positivity -- a brief history

  title={General Relativity's energy and positivity -- a brief history},
  • S.Deser
  • Published 8 September 2021
  • Physics
I give a brief review of the search for a proper definition of energy in General Relativity (GR), a far from trivial quest, which was only completed after four and a half decades. The equally (or perhaps more) difficult task of establishing its positivity — it was to take another fifteen plus years — will then be summarized. Extension to cosmological GR is included. Mention is made of some recent offshoots. An invitation to submit a review to the Proceedings of the Royal Society prompts… 

Energy in Newtonian gravity

In Newtonian gravity it is a moot question whether energy should be localized in the field or inside matter. An argument from relativity suggests a compromise in which the field energy is positive



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