Genealogy and Subjectivity: An Incoherent Foucault (A Response to Calvert-Minor)

  title={Genealogy and Subjectivity: An Incoherent Foucault (A Response to Calvert-Minor)},
  author={Brian G. Lightbody},
  journal={Kritike: An Online Journal of Philosophy},
he essay “Archaeology and Humanism: An Incongruent Foucault” argues, among other things, that Foucault “endorses a kind of humanism.” Moreover, Calvert-Minor attempts to show that without such an endorsement then the curative aspects regarding Foucault’s genealogy of subjectivity would be nonsensical. To be sure, the author seems to demonstrate that there is a clear tension in Foucault’s oeuvre regarding the Frenchman’s changing stance towards, and at times unconscious embracement of… Expand
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