GeneChip analysis of signaling pathways effected by nickel.

  title={GeneChip analysis of signaling pathways effected by nickel.},
  author={Konstantin V Salnikow and Todd L Davidson and Thomas Kluz and Haobin Chen and Daoji Zhou and Max Costa},
  journal={Journal of environmental monitoring : JEM},
  volume={5 2},
The carcinogenicity of nickel compounds has been shown in numerous epidemiological and animal studies. Carcinogenesis is generally considered as a multistep accumulation of genetic alterations. Nickel, however, being highly carcinogenic is only a weak mutagen. We hypothesize that nickel may act by modulating signaling pathways, and subsequently by reprogramming transcription factors. Insoluble nickel is considered to be more carcinogenic than soluble. In this study using GeneChip technology we… CONTINUE READING
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