GeneCards? 2002: An Evolving Human Gene Compendium

  title={GeneCards? 2002: An Evolving Human Gene Compendium},
  author={Marilyn Safran and Irina Solomon and Orit Shmueli and Michal Lapidot and Shai S. Shen-Orr and Avital Adato and Uri Ben-Dor and Nir Esterman and Naomi Rosen and Inga Peter and Tsviya Olender and Vered Chalifa-Caspi and Doron Lancet},
GeneCards ( is an automated, integrated database of human genes, genomic maps, proteins, and diseases, with software that retrieves, consolidates, searches, and displays human genome information [1, 2]. Over the past few years, the system has consistently added new features including sequence accessions, genomic locations, cDNA assemblies, orthologies, medical information, 3D protein structures, SNP summaries, and gene expression. In parallel, its… CONTINUE READING

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