Gene therapy and transplantation in CNS repair: the visual system.

  title={Gene therapy and transplantation in CNS repair: the visual system.},
  author={Alan R Harvey and Ying Hu and Simone G. Leaver and Carla B Mellough and Kevin N. Park and Joost Verhaagen and Giles W. Plant and Qi Qi Cui},
  journal={Progress in retinal and eye research},
  volume={25 5},
Normal visual function in humans is compromised by a range of inherited and acquired degenerative conditions, many of which affect photoreceptors and/or retinal pigment epithelium. As a consequence the majority of experimental gene- and cell-based therapies are aimed at rescuing or replacing these cells. We provide a brief overview of these studies, but the major focus of this review is on the inner retina, in particular how gene therapy and transplantation can improve the viability and… CONTINUE READING
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