Gene targeting in maize by somatic ectopic recombination.

  title={Gene targeting in maize by somatic ectopic recombination.},
  author={Ayhan Ayar and Sophie Wehrkamp-Richter and Jean-Baptiste Laffaire and Samuel Le Goff and Julien Gad Levy and Sandrine Chaignon and Hajer Salmi and Alexandra Lepicard and Christophe Sallaud and Maria Eugenia Gallego and Charles I White and Wyatt Paul},
  journal={Plant biotechnology journal},
  volume={11 3},
Low transformation efficiency and high background of non-targeted events are major constraints to gene targeting in plants. We demonstrate here applicability in maize of a system that reduces the constraint from transformation efficiency. The system requires regenerable transformants in which all of the following elements are stably integrated in the genome… CONTINUE READING