Gene expression profiles of O3-treated Arabidopsis plants.

  title={Gene expression profiles of O3-treated Arabidopsis plants.},
  author={Nicola Tosti and Stefania Pasqualini and Andrea Borgogni and Luisa Ederli and Egizia Falistocco and Stefania Crispi and Francesco Paolocci},
  journal={Plant, cell & environment},
  volume={29 9},
To analyse cellular response to O(3), the tolerant Arabidopsis thaliana genotype Col-0 was exposed to O(3) fumigation (300 ppb) for 6 h and the modulation of gene expression during the treatment (3 h after the beginning of the treatment, T3 h) and the recovery phase (6 h from the end of the treatment, T12 h) assessed by gene chip microarray and real-time reverse transcriptase (RT)-PCR analyses. The Arabidopsis transcriptional profile is complex, as new genes (i.e. reticuline oxidase) and… CONTINUE READING
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