Gene expression of the human Torque Teno Virus isolate P/1C1.

  title={Gene expression of the human Torque Teno Virus isolate P/1C1.},
  author={Bettina M{\"u}ller and Alexander Maerz and Kai Doberstein and Tim Finsterbusch and Annette Mankertz},
  volume={381 1},
Torque Teno Virus (TTV) has been assigned to the floating genus Anellovirus. TTV ssDNA genomes have a size of 3.6 to 3.8 kb and display up to 30% nucleotide diversity. The pathogenic potential of TTV is under investigation. To address a putative link of pathogenicity with the observed sequence variations, the transcription profile of P/1C1 (genogroup 1) isolated from a patient diseased with a non A-G hepatitis was analysed. Four mRNAs were identified, which encoded the seven proteins ORF1, ORF1… CONTINUE READING
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