Gene expression markers for Caenorhabditiselegans vulval cells

  title={Gene expression markers for Caenorhabditiselegans vulval cells},
  author={Takao Inou{\'e} and David R Sherwood and Gudrun Asp{\"o}ck and James A. Butler and Bhagwati P. Gupta and Martha Kirouac and Minqin Wang and Pei-Yun Lee and James M. Kramer and Ian Hope and Thomas R. B{\"u}rglin and Paul W. Sternberg},
  journal={Mechanisms of Development},
The analysis of cell fate patterning during the vulval development of Caenorhabditis elegans has relied mostly on the direct observation of cell divisions and cell movements (cell lineage analysis). However, reconstruction of the developing vulva from EM serial sections has suggested seven different cell types (vulA, vulB1, vulB2, vulC, vulD, vulE, and vulF), many of which cannot be distinguished based on such observations. Here we report the vulval expression of seven genes, egl-17, cdh-3, ceh… CONTINUE READING