Gene expression in mineralizing chick epiphyseal cartilage.

  title={Gene expression in mineralizing chick epiphyseal cartilage.},
  author={Phoebe S. Leboy and Irving M. Shapiro and B D Uschmann and Osamu Oshima and D K Lin},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={263 17},
To map transcriptional events associated with mineralization in developing long bones, we have established protocols for preparing RNA from regions of chick epiphyseal cartilage. Using these RNA preparations, we have probed for appearance of mRNA coding for type I, II, and X collagen, as well as osteonectin and calmodulin. Type II collagen mRNA was found in proliferating cartilage and, in lower amounts, in hypertrophic/calcifying cartilage. Type X mRNA was absent from proliferating cartilage… CONTINUE READING


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