Gene expression changes after hypoxic preconditioning in rat hepatocytes.

  title={Gene expression changes after hypoxic preconditioning in rat hepatocytes.},
  author={Wei Chen and Jiang-feng Qiu and Zhi-qi Zhang and Hai-feng Luo and Joan Rosell{\'o}-Catafau and Zhi-Yong Wu},
  journal={Hepatobiliary & pancreatic diseases international : HBPD INT},
  volume={5 3},
BACKGROUND Hypoxic preconditioning can protect hepatocytes against hypoxic injury, but its mechanism has not been elucidated. The aim of this study was to profile gene expression patterns involved in hypoxic preconditioning and probable mechanism at the level of gene expression. METHODS Hepatocytes were divided into 2 groups: control group and hypoxic preconditioning group. Biotin-labeled cRNA from the control group and the hypoxic preconditioning group was hybridized by oligonucleotide… CONTINUE READING