Gene expression analysis of interferon-beta treatment in multiple sclerosis.

  title={Gene expression analysis of interferon-beta treatment in multiple sclerosis.},
  author={Finn Thorup Sellebjerg and Pameli Datta and Jan K. Larsen and Klaus Rieneck and I Alsing and Annette Bang Oturai and Arne Svejgaard and Per Soelberg S\orensen and Lars Peter Ryder},
  journal={Multiple sclerosis},
  volume={14 5},
Treatment with interferon-beta (IFN-beta) induces the expression of hundreds of genes in blood mononuclear cells, and the expression of several genes has been proposed as a marker of the effect of treatment with IFN-beta. However, to date no molecules have been identified that are stably induced by treatment with IFN-beta. We use DNA microarrays to study gene expression in 10 multiple sclerosis (MS) patients who began de novo treatment with IFN-beta. After the first injection of IFN-beta, the… CONTINUE READING
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