Gene expression along the cerebral-spinal axis after regional gene delivery.

  title={Gene expression along the cerebral-spinal axis after regional gene delivery.},
  author={Claudia Meuli-Simmen and Yanzheng Liu and Tracy T Yeo and Denny Liggitt and Guanhuan Tu and T Yang and Michael Meuli and Shirley K. Knauer and Timothy D. Heath and Frank M Longo and Robert J. Debs},
  journal={Human gene therapy},
  volume={10 16},
We demonstrate here that intracerebroventricular or spinal cord (intrathecal) injection of either plasmid DNA alone or cationic liposome: DNA complexes (CLDCs) produces significant levels of expression of both reporter genes and biologically relevant genes in nonparenchymal cells lining both the brain and the spinal cord. Gene expression was identified both within the spinal cord and the brain after intracerebroventricular or intrathecal injection of either CLDCs or plasmid DNA alone… CONTINUE READING


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Intrathecal injection of naked plasmid DNA provides long-term expression of secreted proteins.

Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy • 2009

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